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Sixth issue Journal of the LUCAS Graduate Conference published

The editorial board of the Journal of the LUCAS Graduate Conference is very proud to publish its sixth issue: “Landscape in Perspective: Representing, Constructing, and Questioning Identities”.

The sixth issue of the JLGC explores the formation, expression, and questioning of identity through and in landscape. It offers six of the best conference papers of 2017’s LUCAS Graduate Conference, titled ‘Landscape: Interpretations, Relations, and Representations’. Each of these articles explores the various ways in which people have interacted with, conceptualized, and artistically interpreted landscape throughout history. All articles are written by international early-career scholars from various research backgrounds, including LUCAS PhD candidate Amaranth Feuth.

A new element of the fourth edition of the conference was the opportunity for artist-researchers to present their own art projects related to landscape. This led to a fruitful exchange of ideas, and shifted the focus from artistic objects as final products to the practice of creating art. As a result, two artist papers, by Sophie Ernst and Robert Lundberg, are included in this issue.

The editorial board (Nynke Feenstra, Lieke Smits, Zeynep Anli, Sophia Hendrikx, Renske Janssen, Looi van Kessel, Erin Travers, and Anna Volkmar) consists entirely of LUCAS PhD candidates who have produced a double-blind peer-reviewed international journal, published by Leiden University Library.

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