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Our year in 12 Facebook posts

From BBC film shootings to a video of snowy Leiden and from bikes in the canal to our birthday, the Dies Natalis. This was our year in 12 Facebook posts!

1. Our newly renovated PJ Veth Building looks kind of like Hogwarts...


2. Six members of the new Dutch government are Leiden alumni!

Five ministers and one state secretary (Paul Blokhuis) studied in Leiden. And King Willem-Alexander as well!


3. Lost your bike?

... Maybe check the canals ;-)


4. Hip hip, hurray! On 8 February we celebrated our 442nd birthday

Just like every year, the day starts with the traditional procession: all our professors walk from the Academy Building to the Pieterskerk, where we celebrate the Dies Natalis.


5. This statue in the LUMC is a Russian internet hit

The Russians call him 'Zdjoen', which means 'the waiting one'.


6. Historical images on Liberation Day: how our university opened its doors again after World War II


7. We opened the new Asian Library, with over 30km of books and other materials


8. Why do we sometimes think vegetarians are annoying? Psychologist Florien Cramwinckel explained at the Universiteit van Nederland (in Dutch)


9. This spring, the BBC recorded their new drama 'The Miniaturist' in Leiden's historical city centre.

The series will air on 26 and 27 December on BBC One.


10. Leiden is beautiful, especially in the snow!


11. Happy Easter! Our students tested which chocolate eggs were the tastiest.


12. Good news: we are in the top 100 of the Times Higher Education Ranking!


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