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Preventing terrorism... At which cost?

Preventing terrorism before it happens seems like an idea no one would disagree to. But is it possible? How do counter-radicalisation policies look like? And are there dangers of unintended consequences? Francesco Ragazzi, Assistant Professor at Leiden University’s Institute of Political Science, has actively collaborated with documentary film maker Nirit Peled in the research that led to the Tegenlicht programme ‘Radical in Birmingham’, which aired on Sunday 12 November 2017.

Myths and false-ideas

The programme looks at different actors of counter-radicalisation in Birmingham, dubbed the ‘Jihadi Capital’ of the UK, in order to deconstruct myths and false-ideas about security policies there. Ragazzi was also interviewed for additional web material linked to the documentary in which he develops the main results of the research he has been carrying out over the past years thanks to NWO (VENI) and European (Marie-Curie) funding.


VPRO Tegenlicht, ‘Radical in Birmingham’ (partially in Dutch)

Interview Francesco Ragazzi

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