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Sustainability in the P.J. Veth Building

In the renovation of the P.J. Veth Building, much attention has been devoted to the environment and the sustainable (re)use of materials. You can now separate waste easier, fill your own water bottle at the Join the Pipe tap point and pick up a free book at the giveaway library. All this is possible in the PJ Veth!

Examples of sustainable (re)use in the P.J. Veth Building

  • Water-saving toilets and taps have been installed.
  • A Join the Pipe tap point has been installed near the Study Lounge. Fill your bottle or Dopper with tap water from the Join the Pipe tap point! Additional Join the Pipe tap points will be installed in other faculty buildings in the coming months.
  • Some of the work rooms in the building are furnished with furniture from the Lange Voorhout building in The Hague
  • A pilot for waste separation is now being tested: no rubbish bins or waste paper bin in the rooms anymore; instead waste is separated in the halls. This system is already working on the ground and first floors of the P.J. Veth Building.
  • The faculty‚Äôs first giveaway library in the former library (room 0.03, near the Study Lounge) is now a reality. Are you looking for a nice book? Come and have a look! Or maybe you think someone else could benefit from your old book. Why not leave it in the giveaway library?


The sustainable university

Leiden University takes its responsibilities relating to the environment and sustainability very seriously. You can read more about this in the Sustainability Folder.
The Leiden University Green Office (LUGO) has been operational since 2016. Six students are employed here to focus attention on sustainability within the university. Students and staff members who have ideas about improving the environment can share their thoughts with LUGO. The students share more about their activities on the LUGO website and on Facebook.
If you have any questions about sustainability within the faculty, please get in touch with Carola Koetsier.

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