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ACPA is moving

Mid July 2017, the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA), together with the Confucius Institute, Institute for Philosophy and Digital Humanities, will move into the completely renovated P.J. Veth building next to the Hortus Botanicus in Leiden.

“Thanks to the move, ACPA is right in the middle of the faculty, and that makes it possible to connect with other research institutes. We can also offer education in our own building, which is also accessible to students from all faculties.” -Lonneke Regter, managing director ACPA


P.J. Veth building

The monumental P.J. Veth building has undergone a thorough renovation. The building was designed by architect Lokhorst and was built in two parts, the Botanical Laboratory (1904-1908), was intended for classes in botany and physiological and biological research. The second part, the Herbarium (1911-1914), became the archive of 'Dutch treasures of systematic botanical nature' and functioned as a workshop for the 'systematic'.


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