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Vidi for LIAS researcher Lara Weiss

Eleven talented Leiden researchers with several years of research experience have been awarded a Vidi subsidy to set up or expand their own line of research. One of them is LIAS researcher Lara Weiss.

The Walking Dead at Saqqara


In ancient Egypt, just as today, religion was subject to constant change. Changing religion will be scrutinized in the Saqqara necropolis in terms of individual/group practices, transmission of texts/decoration as well as the changing landscape. This project thus adds historical depth to the question of how traditions are shaped, modified or even invented.


About Lara Weiss

Lara Weiss studied Egyptology and Theology at Humboldt University, Berlin, and at Leiden University (2000-2007). Received a PhD in Egyptology from Göttingen (2012). Curator of the Egyptian Department of the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden since 2014. Did fieldwork at Tell Basta (2012) and joined the Saqqara Expedition in 2015.
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