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Spotlight on Leiden in Indonesian newspaper Pikiran Rakyat

Indonesian newspaper Pikiran Rakyat has published a series of seven articles about Leiden entitled ‘Two impressive weeks in Leiden.’ The articles were inspired by the symposium ‘The Role of Women in Sustainable Development in Indonesia,’ which took place in Leiden from 23 May to 3 June 2017.

The symposium was organised by the Faculty of Science’s Leiden Ethnosystems and Development (LEAD) programme. It inspired Yulistine Kasumaningrum, a journalist from one of the biggest newspapers in Indonesia, Bandung-based Pikiran Rakyat, and Leiden PhD candidate Kurniawan Saefullah to publish a series of seven front-page articles on study opportunities in Leiden.


One of the seven front-page articles in Pikiran Rakyat about the LEAD symposium.

The symposium was for students and staff from the new Master’s programme in Integrated Microfinance Management (IMM), which was developed by LEAD director L. Jan Slikkerveer following on from a course that has been taught at the Faculty of Economics at Universitas Padjadjaran in Bandang since 2012. LEAD’s involvement in the teaching and research at Universitas Padjadjaran has already produced a group of more than 90 alumni in Bandung.

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