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Music: listening through analysis, 2nd semester starts March 23

Through the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, multiple gifted bachelor and master students of Leiden University and the University of the Arts The Hague can fully develop both their artistic and academic talents by choosing academic or artistic minors or electives.

On March 23 the 2nd semester starts of the ACPA elective 'Music: listening through analysis'.

In this tutorial students will learn how to analyze compositions from different musical styles. They will enlarge their understanding of the workings of the musical language by listening, reading and analyzing. If the composition of the group enables it there will also be active music making in the form of singing.
Different methods of analysis will be discussed. The purpose is to make students more aware of what is heard in the music, and also why it sounds as it does.

Please go to the Studyguide for more information.

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