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Leiden Law School hosts PhD Colloquium ‘Law and Politics in the EU’

On Friday 3rd February 2017 Leiden University hosted a PhD colloquium in conjunction with the University of Liverpool and the University of Oslo, on the topic of ‘Law and Politics in the European Union’. As part of the Interaction between Legal Systems 2.0 project, the colloquium presentations focused on the interaction between national and the European Union legal systems, with an added focus on the effect the current political climate may have on legal developments, and vice versa.

Present were Leiden Law School PhD researchers, Daniel Carter, Ilektra Antonaki, Thomas Weber, and Frederik Behre. Also in attendance were researchers from the University of Liverpool, Andrew Woodhouse and Katy Sowery as well as Hilde Ellingsen from the University of Oslo.

The participating researchers will follow up the colloquium with further collaboration in the future. Already a return visit to Liverpool University is planned for June 2017, where the participants will again present their research at a colloquium event, with a view to the universities collaborating further to produce combined output in the future.   

Summary of the presentations:

  • Daniel Carter, ‘Legal consequences of the EU’s shift towards a ‘typically British’ concept of free movement’
  • Ilektra Antonaki, ‘Privatisations and Golden Shares in the EU: Reconciling Capital Liberalisation with State Participation in the Market’
  • Andrew Woodhouse, ‘One Change Follows Another? Deference to National Legislation in the Internal Market’
  • Hilde Ellingsen, ‘Union law requirements on the locus standi of individuals’
  • Katy Sowery, ‘Discourse or Diktat: Do the Member States have the sole prerogative to revise primary law or is it shared with other institutional actors?’
  • Thomas Weber, ‘Expanding the sphere of EU law? Institutional liability outside the Treaty framework’
  • Frederik Behre, ‘European Fiscal Union – The Impossible Task to Stabilise the Euro?’
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