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Leiden Science welcomes international students

From 24 to 27 January international students learn all about Leiden during the Orientation Week Leiden (OWL). On Wednesday, Leiden Science welcomed 60 new students from across the world, who are starting their master’s programme in February. The students were given the opportunity to meet their fellow students and get familiar with the buildings, study and research facilities at our faculty.

'How is it for an international student to be a student of the Faculty of Science?', 'What does the faculty organizes for the students?', 'Who is your academic counsellor?” and 'How do you start your future career?' Questions like these were answered in the morning, and practical details for studying in Leiden were provided. After the morning sessions students went on a tour through the Gorlaeus Building to meet study coordinators and study associations. Some international students tell about what their experiences at OWL have been so far:

Meily (Indonesia)

'I have been in Holland for a while now, it has a very international orientation. I completed my bachelor degree at the Radboud University in Nijmegen and now I am going to start the Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences master’s programme at the Faculty of Science. I am planning to combine my master Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences with the Science Based Business specialisation.  The OWL is very useful. It is helping me to get to know the faculty and the city. I have to say: I love Leiden. It is a beautiful city and really well located: all the main tourist spots are nearby. The faculty helps me with a lot, think of housing, insurance and getting a bike. That's very nice.'

Annastansia (Kenia), David (Spain), Mandeep (India)

Mandeep: ‘We are going to study ICT in Business. Leiden University offers a very unique programme, including business for IT-professionals. I used to be a freelance app-developer. I want to do this master’s to be able to start my own IT-business.’

David: ‘The nice thing about OWL is that you get to know your classmates. Yesterday we got a tour around Leiden. It is beautiful! Leiden is a very convenient place to study: it has everything you need and cities like Amsterdam are very close by.’

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