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Second issue JLGC published

On 1 February 2014 the second issue of the Journal of the LUCAS Graduate Conference, titled 'Death: Ritual, Representation and Remembrance', was published.

Edited by PhD researchers from the LUCAS (Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society), the peer-reviewed, Open Access journal was launched in 2013 and provides a platform for the best papers presented at the biennial LUCAS Graduate Conference.

Taking its cue from the last edition of the LUCAS Graduate Conference (January 2013), on the theme of 'Death, the Cultural Meaning of the End of Life', the second issue explores the cultural dynamics surrounding the topic of death. A collection of eight articles written by young scholars from various backgrounds, this issue focuses on a particular facet of the universal subject of death: the contrast – sometimes clearly delineated, sometimes blurred and oscillating – between personal and pragmatic modes of dealing with the end of life. Studying a diverse range of media, from death masks and phantasmagoria shows to novels and cultic rituals, the volume brings to light the various and sometimes overlapping agendas death serves. While leading the reader from the personal and the intimate to the national and the pragmatic, however, this collection also illustrates that the topic of death defies such clear demarcations and broad categorizations.

Like the first issue, this edition was produced entirely by graduate students. The eight authors, Sarah Iepson, Emily Knight, Fabien Lacouture, Isabelle van den Broeke, Michiel Verheij, Jostein Hølland, Hélène Vu Thanh and Imma Ramos, all based their articles on the papers they delivered at the 2013 LUCAS Graduate Conference, and were assisted by an editorial board consisting of LUCAS-affiliated PhD candidates. Headed by series editor Jacqueline Hylkema and editors-in-chief Linda Bleijenberg and Anna Dlabačová (all JLGC founding members), the new team consisted of Odile Bodde, Erin Downey, Janna Houwen, Jenneka Janzen, Adrian Lewis and Sara Polak. Various other PhD candidates at the LUCAS served as the journal’s peer reviewers and assisted with the layout.

The Journal of the LUCAS Graduate Conference appears once every year. It aims to combine the opportunities offered by digital publishing with the best practices in traditional publishing, including an elaborate blind peer review procedure, rigorous selection and an extensive revision/editing process. The editorial board seeks to publish papers that combine an innovative approach with fresh ideas and sound research, and reflect on LUCAS’ main research theme: the relationship between the arts, visual as well as textual, and society. Preparations for the next issue, to be published on 1 February 2015, will start shortly.

The second issue of the journal is available via the Digital Repository of the Leiden University Library, and via the JLGC website. A direct link to the full PDF is provided below. For more information, please contact series editor Jacqueline Hylkema.

Our policy aligns with Creative Common License CC BY-NC-ND: we welcome all readers to download and share our articles and issues freely, as long as the author and Journal are appropriately credited. JLGC material cannot however be altered or used commerically. For more information on our policy under Creative Commons, read the CC BY-NC-ND license deed.

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