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Vegetarian, healthy and sustainable: Pure catering

In some university restaurants and cafés, you can already order them and, come January, you can enjoy them everywhere: the Pure products. Sustainable, healthy and/or vegetarian. The beautiful lime green, also the colour of the plates and bowls, is the vibrant symbol of these products. And Pure is even cheaper.

It’s not about enforcement, but gentle guidance

The University Facilities and Services (UFB) does not want to impose anything on anyone. Those who are attached to meatball soup, or forever addicted to the familiar meat croquette, nothing stands in your way. But we would like to tempt you to try something different with an affordable price tag for Pure products that have additional value and that make you feel great.

Added value of Pure


The demand for vegetarian products is increasing and this demand is being more than met. In Lipsius, the Pieter de la Court and the KOG restaurant, even veggie burgers can be ordered at the burger bar. Less harmful to the environment.


Pure also means: less means more.

  • Less salt: 80% of the salt we consume is already in the products we buy. That should be less.
  • Less sugar. Our consumption of sugar has grown 50 times in 50 years. Sugar is found in many products where this sweet substance is unnecessary. So, it can be reduced.
  • Less fat. Though you have good and bad fats, less fat is better in any case.


  • Less transport. Food suppliers deliver to the university restaurants less frequently, without compromising the freshness of the products. In 2015, this led to a 40% reduction in traffic movements for deliveries.
  • Bio-based material. Cups, cutlery, packaging, and any other material intended for single-use in the university's catering facilities, are all bio-based. They are made of waste material, or from renewable raw materials.  Take-away coffee cups, including the lids, and the stirrers are made of biodegradable material. This is also true for the napkins, and the plastic trays. The company Biological Solutions offers consultation in this regard. This company also offsets any CO2 generated in the production and transport of the products.

… and even more

The vending machine is
making a comeback

A Green Snack Factory will appear in as many restaurants at possible at the university. This means the old vending machine is back: snacks behind little doors. Green snacks ‘from the wall', vegetarian croquettes, for instance.

Another new thing that is soon to become more widespread: the water jar.  A jar with a tap. The jar contains water with fragrant herbs and refreshing fruit added. The flavours are infused into the water. And 40% of the vitamins. Healthy and invigorating.

An in-house developed concept

"The University has developed the Pure concept itself, making it the trailblazer in the Netherlands”, Sander Rooijakkers, Catering product manager at the UFB, explains, and Guan van Zoggel, the guardian of the Pure concept. While it is no mean feat to introduce Pure across all the eighteen restaurants and cafés at Leiden University, the concept will still be introduced everywhere. “This challenge has been taken up by the University Council and our own UFB Leiden University Panel: they want more attention to be paid to sustainability, including in catering.” The newly founded Leiden University Green Office will be happy with this.

Eat tasty, eat healthy, eat sustainably, eat Pure


Join the Leiden University Panel

Any staff members and students can become online advisers by registering for the Leiden University Panel of the UFB. Every now and then, the panel members will be sent a questionnaire with the request to fill it in. They may be about all kinds of services. The UFB will use the panel to gauge various opinions and better customise our services to the needs of the customer. 

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