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Something for everyone at Leiden's Night of Arts and Science

Come to the Night of Arts and Science in Leiden 's historic city centre on 17 September. You can enjoy music, interactive experiments, theatrical plays, lectures, modern dance, comedy and much, much more. Many of the activities are in English.

Activities in English

Brainwave Battle – BrainED | Leiden's Schouwburg |

How can we use neuro-technology to improve education? The scientists from BrainED have developed a concentration game with that aim in mind! Put an EEC meter on your forehead and battle with your friends with your brainwaves!

Save as .jpeg | Leiden's Schouwburg

Images are everywhere: in daily life, advertising, social media, on television. But this one you’ve never seen. Artist Rein Janssen will give you in this experience a picture you will definitely remember.

Aquatic life in Leiden | Hortus Botanicus

Leiden has its own aquatic consultant, Aaf Verkade, who has been monitoring the (unexpectedly) abundant wildlife in the city canals since 2013. Aaf will explain her findings whilst snorkelling among the carp in the big pond in the Hortus. She will use a flashlight under water, to show you some of the pond’s inhabitants.

Brotherhood Dance Collective | Leiden Observatory

Brotherhood Dance Collective will perform an urban dance in a theatrical context. They will show you an energetic mix of hip-hop, breakdance and contemporary dance.

SELF | Leiden Observatory

Believe it or not, there are people who detest sports. The researchers at SELF have devised creative ways to make people exercise more! Play this game and burn calories without even noticing.

Workshop Chinese Painting | National Museum of Ethnicity

Monica Chen, an expert in Chinese Studies, will teach you how to paint a Chinese goldfish and explain why this fish is so important in Chinese art. Grab a brush and join in!

The Art of Seeing Sound (LUMC Audio Team) | Academy Building

Rising talents at the Leiden University Medical Center will show you how to make art using different frequencies. Surprise yourself and learn everything about your ear and noises in the Academy Building.

DJ St Paul | Gebr. De Nobel, afterparty

DJ St Paul loves to mix the most diverse styles together. Kendrick Lamar meets The Whitest Boy Alive, Morrisey meets Tame Impala; dance and celebrate at our afterparty!

Leiden International Short Film Experience | Gebr. de Nobel

Did you know that scientific discoveries serve as inspiration for film directors?

The Leiden International Short Film Experience will tell you all about science in movies in pop temple Gebr. de Nobel. Come, watch two short films and then talk about them afterwards with an expert.

Jeangu Macrooy | National Museum of Antiquities

Last April Jeangu Macrooy became a ‘3FM Serious Talent’. He grew up in the tropical heat of his homeland Suriname, but in 2014 he decided to continue his music career in the Netherlands. He will perform his songs during the Night of Arts and Science.

Microbes, Mars & Living Art | National Museum of Antiquities

Bacteria may not be everyone’s favourite subject, but the iGEM team will show you how to do some great stuff with them. You can even create a work of art with coloured bacteria by using a chemical reaction.

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