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Call for Papers Graduate Conference LUCAS 2017

On 26 and 27 January 2017, the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society will be hosting an international graduate conference entitled ‘Landscape: Interpretations, Relations, and Representations’. A selection of researchers and artists will be invited to participate in panels, in which their 20 minute papers and creative work will be discussed. Participants should currently be undertaking a PhD. When submitting a proposal for a paper presentation or a work of art, please make sure to include a short biography.

The title of the conference, “Landscape: Interpretations, Relations, and Representations,” has
been chosen in order to explore landscape in the broadest sense. When analysed as a
theoretical concept, landscape evokes strong spatial connotations and vivid imagery by means
of our perceptions of the world. However, as the world undergoes impactful developments –
often discussed with buzzwords such as industrialisation, globalisation and digitisation – the
very notion of what is, arranges, informs, and changes a landscape has altered in accordance
with these dynamic processes. Our conference will interrogate ways in which to analyse shifts
in conception and approach throughout history. Participants are invited to critically explore
and reflect on cultural artefacts and practices that project, trace, or confront these processes
through the concept, genre, or medium of landscape. By seeking to gather an interdisciplinary
and intercultural selection of academic papers and works of art, we aim to encourage an open
dialogue among a unique mix of artists and researchers.

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