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Anthon Verweij appointed as Secretary INSOL Europe Academic Forum

During the fall conference of INSOL Europe Academic Forum in Berlin Anthon Verweij, PhD-candidate at the Department of Business Studies, has been appointed as Secretary to the Board of INSOL Europe Academic Forum. Anthon Verweij took over the responsibilities of Professor Paul Omar of Nottingham Trent University. The INSOL Europe Academic Forum, founded in 2004, is a constituent body of INSOL Europe, a Europe-wide association of practitioners in insolvency with over 1000 members.

The Academic Forum’s primary mission is to engage its members, interested in insolvency law and research, in discussions and to encourage and assist in the development of research initiatives in the insolvency field. The membership of the Academic Forum includes insolvency academics, insolvency practitioners with recognised academic credentials as well as those engaged in the research and study of insolvency.

The Academic Forum meets annually in conjunction with the main conference of INSOL Europe and also arranges half-yearly conferences around suitable themes of interest to the practice and academic communities. Previous meetings have taken place in Prague (2004), Amsterdam (2005), Monaco (2007), Leiden and Barcelona (2008), Brighton and Stockholm (2009), Leiden and Vienna (2010), Milan, Venice and Jersey (2011), Nottingham and Brussels (2012), Trier and Paris (2013), Leiden and Istanbul (2014) as well as Trier, Nottingham and Berlin (2015).

At the Paris conference, Professor Christoph Paulus (Humboldt University Berlin) was elected Chair of the Academic Forum for a three-year term from 2013 to and including 2016. Anthon Verweij (Leiden Law School) serves as Secretary to the Board, while Florian Bruder (Max Planck Institute, Hamburg), Professor Jessica Schmidt (University of Bayreuth), Jenny Gant (Nottingham Law School), Myriam Mailly and Emmanuelle Inacio (INSOL Europe Technical Officers) as well as Rolef de Weijs (University of Amsterdam) and Professor Michael Veder (Radboud University Nijmegen) are ordinary members of the Board. Professor Rebecca Parry (Nottingham Law School) is the Editor of the Conference Proceedings series and ex officio a member of the board.

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