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New home for LUCAS

Members of LUCAS work in various buildings on the Witte Singel-Doelencomplex. The board and the secretariat are housed on the first floor of the P.N. van Eyckhof 3 (building 1165).

The interior had always been brown, but, throughout the years, the surroundings became even browner and a need was expressed for a LUCAS-break room and a flexible conference room for 10-15 people. The faculty board recognised the benefits of change and expressed its willingness to renovate the first floor of building 1165.



The first floor will provide workspaces for the Academic Director, education director, institute manager and the secretariat, as well as extra space for office supplies. In addition to the break room, it will also be equipped with a conference room and project rooms, so that the entire floor will be filled with LUCAS-members. Academic Director Thony Visser is excited about the renovation: ‘I am sure this renovation will result in an inspiring LUCAS-cluster. Where we can greet guests with a warm welcome and hot coffee! The conference room will benefit any group of teachers, researchers or PhD candidates who want to meet, with coffee and tea at their fingertips.”


Meanwhile the costs have been calculated, the documents have been signed and the materials have been ordered. Rooms 104A to 106B will remain untouched, but before the renovation can begin, some parts on the other side, will have to be broken down and rebuilt. To minimise the inconvenience, this will be happening between 20 July and 1 September, as most members will be on vacation. Earlier remarks and requests about the need for space by institute members have been included in the renovation plans. Suggestions or questions from institute members are still more than welcome! To a comfortable and well-functioning home…

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