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The Design of Principles and Guidelines for Out-of-Court Turnaround Professionals

In a project of INSOL Europe's Turnaround Wing, TRI Leiden is working on the design of Principles and Guidelines for Restructuring and Turnaround Professional. These Principles and Guidelines are designed for the out-of-court turnaround of a business in distress. This Report is the result of a study on relevant international and national documents containing laws, rules, guidelines, principles, best practices and comments.

The present report I discusses the aim of the project in Chapter 2, the method in Chapter 3, the research in Chapter 4, the findings in Chapter 5 and ends in Chapter 6 with a survey of the temporary conclusions concerning the Principles and Guidelines to be designed in report II. Based on th at survey, the TRI-Leiden team advises to design 6 Principles and some 21 Guidelines in phase II, although these numbers may slightly change during the work process.

Report I: An analysis of international and national sources as a basis for the design of principles and guidelines for out-of-court turnaround professionals 

For more information see the Turnaround Wing project.

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