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Editorial board JLGC welcomes new members

The editorial board of the Journal of the LUCAS Graduate Conference welcomes several new members. The coming months they will be preparing the journal's second issue, to be published in February 2014.

All new members are PhD researchers at LUCAS, with expertise in a range of cultural disciplines. As JLGC editors, Odile Bodde, Erin Downey, Janna Houwen, Jenneka Janzen and Adrian Lewis are in charge of selecting, editing and publishing papers delivered at the LUCAS Graduate Conference, organized biennially by LUCAS PhD candidates. The second edition of the conference, held in January 2013, was titled ‘Death: the Cultural meaning of the End of Life’: this will be the theme of both the second and third issue of the journal, to be published in February 2014 and February 2015 respectively.

In the upcoming issue, we hope to continue the high standard that was set with the journal’s first issue, titled 'Imagining Europe: Modern Perspectives, Perceptions and Representations' (February 2013). Like the conference, the Journal of the LUCAS Graduate Conference is set up as a graduate project: board members are all affiliated with LUCAS, as are most of the journal’s peer reviewers. The journal aims to combine the opportunities offered by digital publishing with the best practices in traditional publishing, including an elaborate blind peer review procedure, rigorous selection and an extensive revision/editing process. The editorial board seeks to publish papers that combine an innovative approach with fresh ideas and sound research, and reflect on LUCAS’ main research theme: the relationship between the arts, visual as well as textual, and society.

In addition to our new editors, the current editorial board consists of several members who helped shape the first issue. Building on their previous experience, Linda Bleijenberg and Anna Dlabačová will direct the second issue’s editing process as editors-in-chief, while Jacqueline Hylkema will continue acting as series editor. We are looking forward to working with the new team, and would like to take the opportunity to thank the first issue’s parting editors: Corina Koolen, Han Lamers and Daan Wesselman.

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