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Times of reflection

There are plenty of reasons to look back on a very successful year. TRI Leiden has made great progress with its various projects and activities. This has been achieved with the much valued input of many experts involved in the projects and Leiden Law School students.

The Insolvency Office Holder Project (IOH Project) was discussed at a conference of INSOL Europe in Istanbul, last October. Subsequently the final text of the ‘Statement of Principles and Best Practices for IOHs’ was completed and has been submitted to INSOL Europe.

Over the past few months presentations to and discussions with judges as well as judicial training sessions have taken place to discuss cooperation and coordination by courts in cross-border insolvency cases. In both Riga and Amsterdam European judges participated in trainings to discuss in particular the EU Cross-Border Insolvency Court-to-Court  Cooperation Principles and Guidelines.

The first phase of the Business Rescue Project comprises the preparation of national inventory reports on the role of business rescue in insolvency law. Correspondents have put in a big effort to prepare inventory reports for 14 European jurisdictions.

New endeavors lie ahead for TRI Leiden, including two new projects. In November TRI Leiden started with a project to develop a
Statement of Principles for Turnaround Professionals, a project instigated by INSOL Europe. In cooperation with the European
Association of Certified Turnaround Professionals (‘EACTP’) a curriculum will be developed for certification of turnaround  professionals.

Our gratitude goes to all experts from across Europe and beyond that have actively contributed to the development of our projects. We wish all our readers a joyful festive season and look forward to see you again in 2015!

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