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Adriaan van der Weel receives COST network subsidy

Together with three other scholars Adriaan van der Weel successfully applied for a COST research network subsidy.

COST Action

This week they received official confirmation that their application for a COST Action entitled 'E-READ: Evolution of Reading in the Age of Digitization’ has been successful. Adriaan van der Weel: ‘We are especially pleased with this COST network subsidy because COST's selection process is highly competitive: the grant is a recognition not just of the quality of the team and its proposal, but also of the subject's urgency.’




The goal of E-READ is to improve scientific understanding of the implications of the digitization of reading and literacy, to help individuals, disciplines, societies and sectors across Europe to cope optimally with the effects. The impact of digital technology is currently only poorly understood, but it is likely to be of a much more intrusive nature than we currently expect.


Four scholars collaborated on this interdisciplinary application: reading and literacy specialist Anne Mangen (University of Stavanger, Norway; chair of the Action), psychologist Thierry Baccino (Université Paris 8, France), cognitive neuroscientist Jean-Luc Velay (CNRS, Aix-Marseille Université, France) and book historian Adriaan van der Weel (Leiden University, Netherlands; vice-chair of the Action).

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