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2012 Six questions to Ulrike Tanzer

Associate Professor Dr. Ulrike Tanzer from the German Department, University of Salzburg (Austria) is working for a few months at Leiden University. In this short interview she will introduce herself.

1. Can you briefly introduce yourself?
I am Ulrike Tanzer. My specialization is German/Austrian literature from the 19 th century up to the present day, intercultural and interdisciplinary constructions of happiness, editing, theories of reading. Currently I am director of a project, sponsored by the FWF (Austrian Research Funds), editing the correspondence between
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach and Josephine von Knorr, two female Austrian writers of the 19 th century.

2. Since when are you in Leiden and how long will you stay?
I arrived at the end of January and I will stay till the end of May 2012.

3. What exactly are you doing here?
I am visiting professor of the Stichting Oostenrijkse Studiën. I am giving two courses in Austrian literature and culture, one focussing the era of Emperor Franz Joseph I, the other constructions of happiness in Austrian literature.

4. What was the reason to come to Leiden University?
Being visiting professor of the Stichting Oostenrijkse Studiën gives me the chance to teach at a highly respected university abroad and to get in contact with other scholars, especially historians and literary historians.

5. Is this the first time you are working in the Netherlands?

6. How do you like it here so far?
Very much. I was received very warmly and the students are very interested in the field of Austrian Studies. Moreover it’s interesting to compare university life in Salzburg and Leiden.



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