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Leiden researchers abroad with a Rubicon subsidy

Four Leiden researchers will be gaining experience at prominent international research research institutes funded by a Rubicon subsidy from NWO. One international researcher will be coming to Leiden.

From Leiden to another institute

Inverted islands 
Lisa Becking, MSc
Marine lakes are inverted islands: small areas of sea surrounded by land. Becking will be spending two years at the University of California Berkeley, where she will be studying recently discovered marine lakes in Indonesia to test out established island theories. She hopes to gain insight into the historic processes that are responsible for contemporary marine biodiversity. 

Diagnosis at molecular level 
Gerbrand van der Heden, MSc 
Minor deviations in DNA can lead to serious illnesses such as cancer. DNA can also be used to facilitate chemical reactions. Van der Heden will be spending 18 months at Humboldt University in Berlin carrying out research on the use of such reactions to demonstrate specific 'sick' DNA.

News exchange and public opinion: the Bohemian revolution in Dutch news media (1618-1621) 
Dr Helmers Helmers 
International news played an important role in the early modern Dutch media. Hemers will spend 12 months at the University of Amsterdam investigating how and why news was communicated and how this influenced public opinion in the Republic. 

Evolution of the venom systems in snakes 
Freek Vonk, MSc  
Vonk will spend 18 months at Bangor University in Wales carrying out research on the venom systems of snakes. This system comprises two venom glands and a poison fang connected by a duct. As part of this project, Vonk will look at the evolutionary origin of each of these elements by determining which analysing the gene expression.


From abroad to Leiden

The unique sounds of Slovenian 
Dr Peter Jurgec
Slovenian is a minor South-Slavic language with remarkable characteristics. Jurgec will be coming to Leiden  from Tromsø University in Norway. His project aims to provide a complete description of Slovenian phonology and stress systems. The data will be recorded, digitally analysed and used in experiments.

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