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We work on projects commissioned by the European Commission, INSOL Europe and ELI (European Law Institute) as well as various other projects with an international scope. You can find our projects on the right. There have also been several important publications regarding TRI, also from our staff, that you can find below.

Project-based publications

Business Rescue Project

Brochure - ELI project on Rescue of Business in Insolvency Law (.pdf)
Business Rescue in Insolvency Law - Setting the Scene (.pdf)

IOH Project

Report I - An Analysis of Globally and Regionally Established Rules for IOHs (.pdf)
Report II - A Comparative Analysis of rules for IOHs in 11 EU Countries as a Means to Identify Room for Principles and Best Practices (.pdf)
Report III - IOH Project Statement of Principles and Best Practices for IOHs (.pdf)
Draft INSOL Europe Statement of Principles and Guidelines for Insolvency Office Holders in Europe (.pdf)

JudgeCo Project

EU Cross-Border Insolvency Court-to-Court Cooperation Principles (including Communications Guidelines) (.pdf)

EU JudgeCo Principles (with commentary) (.pdf)
EU JudgeCo Guidelines (with commentary) (.pdf)

Other publications

Adriaanse, J.A.A, The Uneasy Case for Bankruptcy Legislation and Business Rescue (2014) 2 NIBLeJ 8, p. 119-125.

Boon, J.M.G.J., J. Tromp & B.P.A. Santen, 'Grensoverschrijdende rechterlijke samenwerking in insolventie: Ervaringen bij de JudgeCo Judicial Training Sessions', Nederlands Juristenblad, 2016/4.

Reker, T., Judicial Independence: a principle for every judge, A review of international standards on judicial conduct and the possibility of achieving uniformity (2013).

Santen, B.P.A. & A. de Bos, The Effects of Legal Measures to Empower Supervisory Directors: Evidence from a Financial Distress PerspectiveJournal of Management and Strategy, 2015(6), p. 45-61.

Santen, B.P.A. & S.E. Castaño Ortiz, Na HR 6 juni 2014: Een hernieuwd pleidooi voor rechterlijke facilitering van de voorlopige crediteurencommissie, TvI 2015(8), p. 51-54.

Wessels, B. and J.M.G.J. Boon, Cross-Border Insolvency Law: International Instruments and Commentary, Alphen aan den Rijn: Kluwer Law International, 2015.

Wessels, B., International Insolvency Law Bibliography 2016 (2016).

Student publications

Castaño Ortiz, S.E. De voorlopige crediteurencommissie revisited en artikel 76 Fw re-examined (2015)

Fidder, M.R. Conflict of interest involving liquidators: Recommendations to the European Union legislator (2014, Master Thesis)

Ubink, T.J., No compensation for shareholders in the case of the SNS Bank, according to the Advocate-General (2015)

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