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The overview below provides links to various institutes and organisations with activities in the field of Turnaround, Rescue & Insolvency:

OHADA Treaty   
Asian Development Bank  
Asian Institute of International Financial Law   
Association of Business Recovery Professionals   
Bob Wessels  
Center of European Company Law  
EU JudgeCo  
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development  
European Law Institute  
INSOL Europe  
Leiden Law School, department of Business Studies  
Vereniging Insolventierecht Advocaten  
Global Insolvency Law Database  
Global Legal Information Network  
HierosGamos Legal Research Center  
INSOL International  
International Association of Insolvency Regulators  
International Bar Association, Insolvency & Creditors’ Rights (SIRC)  
International Insolvency Institute  
International Monetary Fund (IMF)  
Organization for Economic and Co-operation and
United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)  
World Bank Group  
World Internet Insolvency & Bankruptcy Recourses  
World Legal Information Institute  
United States  
American Bankruptcy Institute  
American Bankruptcy Institute and INSOL International (joint project)  
American Bar Association  
American College of Bankruptcy  
American Law Institute  
Chapter 15 US Bankruptcy Code Case Register  
National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges  
Organization of American States  
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