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Leiden Law Park

At the very heart of the law, ethics, and digital technology.


Leiden Law Park will be of the to-be-developed inner-city campus, where science, business, government, and citizens come together to develop and share knowledge at the intersection of law, ethics, and technology. It is an initiative of the Faculty of Law of Leiden University, the municipality of Leiden, and the province of South Holland. By jointly initiating or facilitating debate, research, lectures, events, and innovation, Leiden Law Park contributes to sustainable, future-oriented, science-based solutions to societal challenges. These major challenges involve legal and ethical issues that must be addressed in an integrated manner.  

We focus on students, researchers, and teachers connected to the knowledge institutions in the region, residents of South Holland, and businesses. Enterprises range from legal service providers (lawyers, corporate lawyers, consultancy companies) to legal tech startups and established big tech companies, government and civil society organizations.   

What do we envisage?

At Leiden Law Park, we are building an innovation hub with local and international outreach and impact. At the intersection of law, ethics, and digital technology, Leiden Law Park is where knowledge, experience, and enterprises come together to help solve complex, interconnected social issues such as climate emergency, the energy transition, oower asymmetries, the impacts of technology on vulnerable groups, and challenges in the areas of health(care), wellbeing, inclusion, agriculture, and urbanization. These are major transitions facing our world, requiring us to bundle our scientific and professional expertise, bridge boundaries in practice and between countries, and focus on multi-disciplinary, inclusive, and fruitful cooperation.

Why Leiden Law Park: our objectives

The mission of Leiden Law Park is to contribute to a better, safer digital society and a broader public acceptance of digital technology. Bridging the gap between legal-ethical parameters and the actual application of digital technology. Leiden Law Park will raise the impact of knowledge institutions in society. Finally, the combination of science and practice at Leiden Law Park will help train students to become T-shaped legal professionals.

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