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Leiden Law Park

Leiden Law School, together with the Province of Zuid-Holland and the Municipality of Leiden, is currently developing a plan for a ‘Leiden Law Park’.

Leiden Law Park is a concept in which legal service providers, legal tech start-ups/scale-ups, branches of international businesses and knowledge institutes form a hub in the vicinity of the faculty. At present, no specific location has been designated for the plan.

The aim of the Leiden Law Park is to establish links between three pillars in society:  law, ethics and technology; at regional, national and international level.

Stimulating cooperation

The impact and pace of current technological developments is significant. Innovation and technology are playing an increasingly greater role in our lives. Anyone involved in law in a professional capacity is faced at some point with these technological developments, touching on all fields of law.

Interaction between law, ethics and technology is also significant. At Leiden Law Park we want to conduct research into how legal systems, philosophy and ethics can give direction to these technological developments.

The aim of Leiden Law Park is to stimulate cooperation:

  • between different disciplines in science and education;
  • between professional practice and various economic sectors;
  • between government authorities;
  • between the business sector, government, knowledge institutes and residents of Leiden;
  • between regional, national and international partners;
  • with the city of Leiden, where innovations in certain areas can be tested and reviewed, and can be further developed for market-oriented or societal applications.


Jan-Hendrik Schretlen has been appointed as ‘quartermaster’ for the Leiden Law Park. He will investigate the feasibility of the concept and how it could be funded. It is expected that a project plan will be ready by May 2020, after which the concept Leiden Law Park could be realized in stages.

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