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Joris Larik in Euronews about the SWIFT ban

Last week, Joris Larik, Assistant Professor of Comparative, EU and International Law, was mentioned in an article by Euronews about the SWIFT ban.


On Twitter, Germany #SWIFTBan is a trending topic. To give context, Joris Larik, Assistant Professor of Comparative, EU and International Law, his tweet was used. 

Can we *please* stop referring to the #SWIFTban as the "nuclear option"?

Regretfully, the "nuclear option" in the #RussiaUkraineConflict is literally the nuclear option, i.e. use of nuclear weapons, including on NATO's side in case the conflict spills over.


Pressure is growing on the German government to agree to Russia's exclusion from the international payment system SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication).
SWIFT is used to process payments between more than 11,000 banks and financial service providers in around 200 countries. So far, only Iran has been excluded from the system as part of sanctions.
The SWIFT system is managed by a company with cooperative status, backed by the world's major banks. It's board consists of 25 independent directors from the countries that contribute financially to the operation of the system.

Read the full article(in german) here

Joris Larik is Assistant Professor of Comparative, EU and International Law and member of Young Academy Leiden. His research focuses on EU external relations law and global governance and has received with several awards. Dr. Larik is the author and editor of several books, including with Oxford and Cambridge University Press. Moreover, he has published in leading international journals, including American Journal of International Law, Common Market Law Review, European Law Review, International & Comparative Law Quarterly, Survival, and Yearbook of European Law, and in leading national journals, including Nederlands Juristenblad and SEW–Tijdschrift voor Europees en economisch recht. Dr. Larik provides high-level legal and policy advice and regularly appears in the international and national media.

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