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Lorentz Center kicks off lustrum with TEDx talk

The Lorentz Center is 25 years old. A good reason for them to contribute to a series of TEDx lectures for Leiden City of Science. Arjen Doelman, director of the Lorentz Center, was the first to enter the virtual stage.

In his TEDx, Doelman talks about the ingredients that are needed for a scientific breakthrough. Something the Lorentz Center is specialised in.

Building new science

The Lorentz Center organises workshops and conferences, bringing together people from different backgrounds. By highlighting the interfaces with other disciplines, new ideas can emerge. Or as Doelman explains: ‘The active process of building new science is intrinsically social.’

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A walk in the park

Over the course of 2022, TedxBoerhaavedistrictStudio will bring out more TEDx-talks with various partners in and around the Bio Science Park. Under the theme 'A walk in the park', the studio will zoom in on what's happening in this innovation district.

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