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New Podcast Asks Guests to Reimagine Education

The Centre for Innovation has launched a new podcast series called What if Education… In each episode, the host Monika Theron invites students, teachers and experts to think differently about education.

Can we change the way we educate? Do we need to change? Do we even want change?

Taking a slightly unorthodox approach, in each episode, teachers, students and experts share their ideas of how they think the future of education will unfold. The host, Monika Theron, evokes free-thinking by sneaking controversial topics into conversations with her guests. Monika wants to find out how comfortable educators and learners are with new and developing concepts in education.

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Episode 1

Monika speaks to Dr. María Gabriela Palacio, Assistant Professor of Development Studies, Social Policy and International Studies at Leiden University and Nicole Kadlec currently a student of International Studies as well as an assistant student working at the Centre for Innovation, also at Leiden University. 

The curveball in this 3-part series: the education of the future uses micro-chips and social scoring. How do the guests feel about it? 

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Episode 2

We are joined by Jaap Brons, a History teacher, currently teaching Humanities at the Highschool Academie Tien based in Utrecht, and Pelle Berkhout a post-graduate student specialising in Latin American Studies and International Relations, as well as a student assistant at the Centre for Innovation also at Leiden University. 

How do the visions of education in 2030 of Jaap and Pelle differ from the guests in our first episode?  Are they more comfortable with the microchipping and social scoring system? 

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Episode 3

In this last episode of the 3-part series Monika dives into the future of education with  Marcello A. Gómez Maureira, a researcher and designer, and a teacher at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science as well as a PhD candidate at Leiden University. Our student today is Juliette Petra Rose van der Laarse, a game developer, learning and education enthusiast, and innovator currently studying at Leiden University.     

Do they paint the same picture of the future in education or react the same way as our previous guests toward microchips and social scoring? 

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