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Bert Koenders on BNR News Radio on the Tensions Between Iran and the United States of America

The crisis in Iran seems to have settled and both countries are claiming victory. The Americans say that they taught Iran a lesson, but Iran projects the contradictory. Now, who is right? On Thursday 9th January, Bert Koenders commented on this on BNR News Radio.

According to Bert Koenders, Professor of Peace, Justice and Security at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs of Leiden University, none of the parties won. One can only consider this a period of new recklessness which allowed for a breather. ‘In the eyes of the American government, Iran has its hands tied and there was no escalation after the liquidation of General Soleimani. In Iran, retaliation would be claimed through the use of military action against American military targets. Fortunately, a line has now been drawn in the sand, but the underlying problems have not yet been solved'.


Both Donald Trump and Ali Khamenei are facing elections. Trump always received criticism that Iran could do as it wishes in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, without any US intervention. Now, Trump is showing America that he is finally acting against Iran. The same applies for Khamenei who was being mocked by America, and he is now also taking control of the situation. Both leaders are proving themselves in front of their people; I am the man you have to vote for. According to Koenders, the conservatives in Iran could benefit from this. ‘This is unfortunate, because there have lately been big demonstrations against the regime in Iran. I do not know if these actions have driven the opposition back into the arms of the regime again, because there are still many differences of opinion in the country’.

Listen to the complete segment on the website of BNR News Radio (in Dutch).

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