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Video: Ethnobotanical immersion in Cameroon

Plants are vital resources throughout human history, but we know little about how they were used and valued prior to agriculture. Sandrine Gallois, an ethnoecologist working in the ERC-funded HARVEST project, has developed an interdisciplinary approach, combining anthropology and botany to explore how the Baka foragers of southeast Cameroon use and value plant foods. French filmmaker Laurent Maget made a short video on her fieldwork.

Meanings and values of wild plant foods

The Baka are undergoing a a profound shift in their livelihood, including increased reliance on agricultural and market products and decreased access to wild resources. In this context of changes, what is the place of wild plants in the diet and culture of the Baka? How are current socio-ecological changes affecting their practices and knowledge related to tropical forest plants? Accompanied by Tinde van Andel (Naturalis) and Thomas Heger (Wageningen University), Sandrine explores this part of the rainforest with the Baka and learns more about the meanings and values of the wild plant foods. 

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