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Stukafest The Hague to pay tribute to Chuck Deely

The late Chuck Deely, street musician and icon of The Hague, was planned to perform during Stukafest The Hague on February 2nd. Due to his unexpected passing, the festival’s organisation has been looking for an act to bring him a tribute.

In response to Chuck Deely's passing, Pijke de Grood has come forward to take his place. He will be bringing Chuck a tribute through Chuck's songs, his own songs, and some anecdotes.

Stukafest is a festival organised in several cities throughout the country. Acts in all shapes and sizes perform in students’ rooms, in different places in the city. In three rounds, you visit different acts on a route you make for yourself. The festival concludes with a smashing party in the Paard van Troje.

Do you have a tip or suggestion for the festival, or do you just want to know more about the festival and the line-up? Visit the Stukafest The Hague website, or send an e-mail to denhaag@stukafest.nl

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