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Leiden University in The Guardian for its research on far-right terrorists

According to a study conducted by multiple research institutes, governments and law enforcements should widen the scope of their focus to right-winged terrorists such as Andres Breivik. The Guardian issued an in-depth analysis of their work last week.

‘The threat from far-right terrorists is being neglected by governments and law enforcement.’’ Last week, a joint report by experts from Royal United Services Institute, Chatham House, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue and the University of Leiden, revealed that the neglected threat of far-right terrorists may be much more threatening than expected. ‘‘individuals and small groups of rightwing extremists in the mould of Norway’s Anders Breivik are in fact more lethal, almost as numerous, and much harder to detect by security services.’’

More information about the report and the article can be found at:

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