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Teacher Professional Development in Higher Education


Do you have a question for us?

You can contact us through the contact form. We will respond within one working day.

You can call us on 071 - 527 71 70 (secretariat)

Contact persons faculties

Faculty Contact person
Archeology drs. E.M.M. (Eva) van Leeuwen
Governance and Global Affairs drs. E.M. (Elselien) van Tol
Humanities dr. M.J.J.M. Maarten van de Ven
Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) dr. M.O. (Mario) de Jonge
Law dr. A.J. (Arjen) de Vetten
Social and Behavioural Sciences drs. A.H.G. (Anthea) Aerts
Science D.M. (Daan) Romein, MSc


Contact persons subjects

If you have questions about one or more of the following subjects, than you can put your question to us.

Subject Contact person
Educational development, accreditation dr. M.J.J.M. Maarten van de Ven
Assessment dr. M.J.J.M. Maarten van de Ven
Evaluation, test and examination service K. (Kirsten) Ran
Training and coaching D.M. (Daan) Romein, MSc
Blended learning dr. M.J.J.M. Maarten van de Ven
Quality culture, visitation/accreditation, curriculum planning  dr. P.P.H. (Paul) Wijdeveld

dr. R.M. Roeland van der Rijst

Internationalisation and teacher professionalisation D.M. (Daan) Romein, MSc
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