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Netherlands Institute Morocco (NIMAR)


The Netherlands Institute in Morocco (NIMAR) is a Leiden University institute. It is financed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The NIMAR offers high-quality Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes for students from research universities and universities of applied sciences, under the responsibility of the Leiden University Faculty of Humanities. The institute provides a safe location for the study of the language, culture, religion and society of Morocco, the Arabic world and West Africa. It also acts as a location for teaching training aimed at professionals in the Arabic world and Africa.


  • facilitates and stimulates scientific research by contributing to a productive community of researchers and offering programmes that are in line with the research profile of Leiden University and other Dutch universities;
  • disseminates knowledge about Morocco and the region to government agencies, the corporate sector, lawyers, NGOs, journalists and Dutch cultural diplomacy;
  • has a library function and contributes to creating a national collection about Morocco and the Arabic world;
  • offers programmes that contribute to the intellectual development of an Islamic framework in the Netherlands and for Moroccan-Dutch youth. 
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