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Increasingly, primary sources from the period before the emergence of digital media are being digitized. These “digital surrogates” have facilitated the work of (historical) researchers; instead of having to visit several archives, libraries and other places, the (primary) sources appear in front of them on their screen while they are sitting in their study at home or the university.

The physical places a (historical) researcher could visit to consult the sources (s)he was looking for were (and are) limited in number. The internet, however, is much vaster and, in many cases, more difficult to navigate. Searching for the wanted information in, for example, thousands of historical newspaper pages is often like looking for a needle in a haystack. Using Boolean Searches can facilitate such a search. In this video tutorial, a librarian from the University of Regina in Canada explains very clearly how to use them.
This overview aims at assisting in locating relevant sources for those doing research on, in particular, the (late) Ottoman Empire and the early Republic of Turkey. Some sources of a later date are also added. It is meant to be used not only by experienced researchers, but also, and even more so, by young and new researchers or even prospective researchers and students. As such it serves to support and supplement the courses elsewhere on this site.
The overview is an ongoing project. Although it will be updated regularly, one should realize that it is impossible to make it exhaustive, if only due to the rapid developments in the digitization of potential source materials. Having said that, remarks, comments and suggestions for additions are always welcome and can be sent to Nicole van Os.

Click here to download the overview of Digital Sources for the Study of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey.

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