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Area Studies: Asia & the Middle East

Visiting scholars

As an academic institution committed to international cooperation and exchange, LIAS & LUCSoR welcomes visiting scholars, on the following terms:

  • Visitors must have a strong research profile as measured against their career stage. Their profile must fit the LIAS & LUCSoR mission statement.
  • LIAS & LUCSoR welcomes applications by PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows, as well as those holding the rank of assistant professor, associate professor or full professor (or equivalents of these ranks).
  • Visitors are not University employees. Their legal status is that of guest staff (gastmedewerker).
  • Visits can start at any point in the academic year, and can last up to twelve months. Extensions may be granted under special circumstances (e.g. grant scheme particulars).
  • LIAS & LUCSoR will provide visitors with (digital) library access. LIAS & LUCSoR will not support visitors financially in any way.
  • Visitors are expected to contribute to local academic life, through contacts with LIAS & LUCSoR staff and the public presentation of their research, as appropriate.
  • Visitors must acknowledge LIAS & LUCSoR support in any publications prepared during their visit in whole or in part.
  • staff member must be available to act as the visitor’s primary contact and local guide for professional and practical matters before and during the visit. Applicants should directly approach the LIAS & LUCSoR staff member with whom they would like to work, and ask them to write a letter of recommendation (see below).
  • In addition to public channels for finding accommodation, prospective visitors are welcome to contact the LIAS & LUCSoR Secretariat for assistance in this regard. Following this introduction, correspondence should take place directly between the visitor and the housing office. Accommodation can be hard to find, and visitors are advised to look for accommodation early on.
  • (Prospective) visitors will receive support from the Faculty HRM Office in applying for legal documents (e.g. visa, residence permit, work permit), and identifying and purchasing insurance, as appropriate.

How to apply

Applications for visiting scholar status must be in English, and addressed to the LIAS & LUCSoR Academic Director at lias@hum.leidenuniv.nl. They must include:

  • A cover letter containing the project title of the proposed research, the planned dates of the visit, and a statement of motivation explaining why LIAS & LUCSoR is the preferred host institution
  • A research plan (400-800 words)
  • A curriculum vitae
  • Two letters of reference, directly from the referees to the Academic Director, at lias@hum.leidenuniv.nl
  • A letter of recommendation by a LIAS & LUCSoR staff member, directly from the latter to the Academic Director, at lias@hum.leidenuniv.nl. This should include a brief assessment of the significance and quality of the project proposed, the track record of the applicant, and the suitability of carrying out the project at LIAS & LUCSoR; and a statement of the LIAS & LUCSoR staff member's willingness to act as the visitor's primary contact and local guide, with reference to the present protocol.

LIAS & LUCSoR can host a limited number of visiting scholars, and applicants are advised to contact LIAS & LUCSoR well ahead of time. Only complete application packages will be assessed.

For queries, please write to lias@hum.leidenuniv.nl

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