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Graduate School of Humanities

Admission to the Graduate School

Requirements for admission to the PhD programme are stated in the PhD Regulations. 

Once you meet these requirements and you have found a supervisor, you can apply for admission to the Graduate school of Humanities by completing the Application Form for Admission and sending it to the Graduate School Office. This form is intended for formal, academic admission to the doctorate and should be submitted before the start of your programme.

You are advised to submit your complete application at least two months before the start of your PhD programme. If you need a visa and/or residence permit, please submit your application at least three months before the starting date of your programme. The formal decision on admission rests with the Dean of the Graduate School. Upon admission, the PhD candidate (and supervisor) will receive a formal letter of acceptance from the Dean. For more information about the admission procedure, please contact the  Graduate School Office.

Note: The above-mentioned procedure applies to contract and external PhD candidates only. Employed PhD candidates are admitted to the Graduate School by reason of their appointment to Leiden University.

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