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LUCRIS / Converis GSM

LUCRIS GSM is a registration and monitoring system for PhD candidates. GSM stands for "Graduate School Management", and LUCRIS GSM should not be confused with LUCRIS PM (Publication Module). With the LUCRIS GSM module, all information concerning PhD candidates is stored in a uniform way and made accessible in one place. Converis is the software behind LUCRIS.

The LUCRIS GSM module offers new functionalities that are designed to facilitate the administrative processing of the PhD tracks:

  • All parties involved in a PhD track will now have access to relevant files.
  • You can register training- and supervision plans (OBP).
  • As a PhD candidate you can register your own courses. Finished courses recently registered in SAP will automatically be linked to your course registration.
  • The system supports various approvals that occur during the PhD track.
  • A large number of forms (annexes) pertaining to the Leiden University doctorate regulations are integrated into the system and will subsequently seize to exist on paper.


Manuals, instructions and FAQ can be found on the right side of this webpage. In case you need assistance with LUCRIS GSM, you should first contact the key user of your institute (see below). If he/she is not available, please contact the Digital Services department of the University Library at Beheer-DD@library.leidenuniv.nl under the subject heading 'Converis GSM' and the more specific topic of your inquiry.

Key-user(s) per Institute

Institute Key-user
ACPA Jessica van de LiendeRosalien van der Poel
LIAS Mariëtte Haasbroek
LUCAS Mariska de Groot
LUCL Jurgen Lingen
LUIH Inge Ligtvoet, Pam de Groot
LUIP Karineke Sombroek 


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