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Courses and training programmes

As a PhD candidate, you are expected to follow certain courses and training programmes in the context of your training as researcher. The courses and training programmes will help you to conduct your scientific research, write your dissertation, develop your career and gain self-insight.

Recommended hours of training

According to the Leiden University PhD guidelines, employed and contract PhD candidates are recommended to follow:

  • 140 hours of academic activities (training in the candidate’s specialism, conference attendance, etc.), and
  • 140 hours of activities focusing on transferable skills, including at least one training course on academic integrity.


The requirements for your training programme may vary by institute and your personal situation. Please discuss with your supervisor which courses will work best for you. Training courses are available for PhD candidates at different levels:

1) HRM Services of Leiden University offers PhD training courses, including academic writing, presenting skills, time management and knowledge utilisation. Courses in career development, personal development, communication, working effectively and research skills are taught throughout the year.

For whom: Employed, contract and external PhD candidates.

The costs differ per course and can be found on the website of HRM services. Ask your supervisor for permission before you register. The costs will be charged on the Institute. Therefore, the Institute Manager also needs to approve. You will be allowed to take part only once the course invoice has been paid.

2) Advanced courses to deepen academic knowledge are offered by the national (interuniversity) Research schools. These courses offer training in both methodology and area-specific knowledge. Moreover, they provide you with the opportunity to come into contact with fellow PhD candidates from other universities.

For whom: Employed and contract PhD candidates. Affiliation with one of the national Research schools should be coordinated with your supervisor and Institute Management at the beginning of your PhD track. 
Costs:                          The institute meets the costs of the employed PhD candidate’s membership of a research school. Contract PhD candidates have to fund the membership from their scholarship funds (usually a training budget).

3) Some institutes also offer (obligatory) training courses for their PhD candidates. Please check the institute’s website or ask your supervisor and/ or PhD coach for more information.

For whom: May vary per institute, usually for both employed, contract and external PhD candidates.
Costs:                          May vary per institute, usually free of charge.
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