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Martin Kroon

PhD Candidate


Natural language processing, text mining, machine learning, Python, corpus linguistics

Current Projects

Detecting cross-linguistic Syntactic Differences Automatically (DeSDA): The goal of this project is to investigate the possibility of automatic detection of syntactic differences between languages by using parallel corpora and software tools for annotation, search and analysis. This approach has the potential to greatly enhance the empirical basis of theoretical comparative syntax research and will enable syntacticians to do theoretical modeling of syntactic variation based on quantitative analysis of the correlations between syntactic properties.


Martin Kroon did his bachelor's in linguistics at the University of Groningen. After finishing in 2014, he did a joint-degree master's programme in Language and Communication Technologies at the University of Groningen and the University of Lorraine in Nancy, France. In his master's thesis he developed a tool for multilingual cognate recognition and transition-rule extraction. He is now doing his PhD, working on the automatic detection of syntactic differences between languages using parallel corpora.

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