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Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA)

Visual arts programme: Practicum Artium (PA)

Practicum Artium (PA) is a programme specially developed for students of Leiden University with a talent for visual arts and an interest in artistic research. Art and research feed on one another and are intertwined in many ways. In Practicum Artium, you will explore artistic practices and methods, and connect these to your academic studies. By becoming acquainted with materials, techniques, and aesthetics, you will learn to visually express and critically reflect on your (academic) ideas.

Film, Photography, Painting, and Drawing in The Hague (KABK)

Students from Leiden University who are admitted to this programme attend classes at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. You can choose from a wide range of interdisciplinary electives in drawing, painting, film and photography: a unique opportunity for your further artistic development. The classes are mostly held in the evening, which makes it easy to combine this talent programme with your academic study programme. Lessons are given at the KABK, Prinsessegracht 4, The Hague.

You follow the PA programme for one year and receive ten credits if you passed the course. The programma is divided in two semesters, after each semester there is a final assessment and evaluation.

Have a look in the Study Guide of Leiden University for more information!

In short:

10 EC for 1 year programme

Yearly, 60 students attend the Practicum Artium programme

No extra costs

How does admission to Practicum Artium work?

You can register (between 15 April and 31 May) before 1 June, 2023 if you want to apply for Practicum Artium starting from September 2023. You can do this by following the registration steps described on this website. Based on a portfolio, assignment and a motivation letter, you may be invited to a live entrance exam. Based on your level and motivation during the entrance exam, you may be admitted to Practicum Artium.

Contact Liza Swaving (Coordinator of the Practicum Artium Programme) for more information.

Greetings from Practicum Artium!

Painting: Crafting Meaning with Colour

Painting often is a solitary business. In most lessons of the kabk painting course you work at your own easel. Sometimes after perception, like a still life or model; more often from memory, abstract, or otherwise creating your individual project. But at least once a year everybody works together on a large communal painting: lots of fun.'

  • Tanja Smit, tutor Painting: Crafting Meaning with Colour

Visual arts programme: Practicum Artium (PA)


Drawing Dimensions

Teacher: Marieke Zwart

Painting in Practice and Context: Crafting Meaning with Colour

Teacher: Tanja Smit

Photography: Visual Conversations

Teacher: Nadine Stijns

Film in Practice

Teacher: Etienne Kallos

Read the (Dutch) blog by Practicum Artium student Charlotte Arnoldy!
Read the (Dutch) blog by Practicum Artium student Charlotte Arnoldy!
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