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Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA)

Minor Music Studies

Music as a multi-faceted and integral part of our society.

Music and society

The minor Music Studies offers you a different way of thinking about music.
Music is more than just a form of art, more than just entertainment.
What roles does music play within our society? How does current society influence music? And vice versa: how does music influence, for instance, politics, media and technology?


Music, sound design and sound art are omnipresent in our daily environment. How are music and sound used, how do they influence us? Why do we dance to music? Can music cure us when we are ill? What is the function of technology in listening to, discovering and creating music?

Various roles, positions and functions of music

You study and reflect on the various roles, positions and functions of music using theories from sociology, psychology and philosophy, among other things. Cultural philosophy is also studied, investigating artistic, socio-political and even ethical aspects of music. We gain insight into the history and current developments of music and sound art. The definitions of 'popular' and 'global' in relation to music are examined, as well as music and cognition, the role of the internet, artificial intelligence (AI) and electronic music.

Engage in music by listening or performing, but also study, reflect on and discuss the phenomenon of music in all of its facets!

Is this minor for you?

After having taken this minor you will have gained a broad insight into what music is and into the influence that music, human beings and society have on each other.

You are not required to be able to play an instrument to take this minor. If you are curious about the interaction between music and society, if you want to know more about music, sound art or cultural sciences, this minor is also for you.

Interview Rogier Schneemann with Ben Samama

See below the interview between Rogier Schneeman and songwriter Ben Samama, conducted as part of the 'Popular and Global Music' course of the minor program in Music Studies.

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More information is published in the Studyguide.

If you have any questions, please send an email to Rogier Schneemann.

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