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Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA)

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is ACPA?

The Academy of Creative and Performing Arts is an institute that offers electives and minors in the fields of music, visual arts and design.

Is ACPA a Bachelor’s programme?

No, the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts offers individual electives and minors in the field of music, visual arts and design, not a Bachelor's degree.

Can I take the electives if I am following a Bachelor's degree program at Leiden University?

Every student who follows a bachelor's degree at Leiden University can take ACPA's elective courses. This is possible in the free electives in the third year, but also in year 1 or year 2 – extra-curricular.

What costs are involved in taking the music, visual arts or design elective courses?

There is no charge, students only pay tuition for their undergraduate studies. It may be the case that there are limited material costs for the Visual Arts Talent trajectory: Practicum Artium (PA) courses.

Where do I find the courses?

You can find all electives in the field of music, visual arts and design via this link.

What subjects are there?

You can find all electives in the field of music, visual arts and design via this link.

What subjects are there in the field of Visual Arts and Design?

The Visual Arts Talent Program: Practicum Artium (PA) consists of four separate elective courses: Painting, Drawing, Photography and Graphic Design. These courses each last an entire academic year. In addition, there are theoretical electives that you can take at the KABK, e.g.: The Art of Logistisc, On Fiction and Forensics Writing Artistic Research, Exhibition Research Lab.

What subjects are there in the field of music?

The Music Talent Program: Practicum Musicae (PM) lasts a maximum of three years and is a program that consists of practical and theory lessons that you follow at the Royal Conservatoire during your bachelor study at Leiden University.

The Minor Music Studies consists of six courses and can be taken during the third year of your bachelor's degree at Leiden University.


Practical Musicae

What does Practicum Musicae consist of?

PM consists of private instrument or vocal lessons, music theory lessons and ensemble coaching.

How long does Practicum Musicae take?

The entire program lasts 3 years. You can also choose to follow it for only 1 or 2 years. You can start a bachelor's studies in your first year, but also in your 2nd or 3rd year. You can complete PM during a Master's degree at Leiden University.

How does admission to Practicum Musicae work?

You can sign up before March 1 if you want to audition for PM from September. You do this by sending an email to pm@koncon.nl.

Based on an audition video and your musical CV, you can be invited for a live entrance exam. You can be admitted to Practicum Musicae based on your level and performance during the entrance exam. If more students have auditioned sufficiently than there are places in PM, the students with the best audition results will be admitted to PM.

The level that you must have on your instrument or as a vocalist is comparable to the level for admission to the Preparatory Year of a Bachelor's degree at the Royal Conservatoire.

How do I sign up for PM?


Mail: PM@koncon.nl

January/  February:

Make a video


Send your application before March 1, 2023

April May:

Possible: second round (live auditions)


Final admission result

Practical Artium

How do I register for Practicum Artium?

You follow the link in the study guide on the page of the chosen course in August or in December/January. You will then be invited for a motivation and portfolio interview.

How long does Practicum Artium take?

Each subject lasts a whole year.

How does admission to Practicum Artium work?

You can register in August and in December/January via a link on the page of your chosen PA course in the online Study Guide of Leiden University. You will then be invited for a motivational interview. You then tell the teacher why you want to take the course and you show previously made works in the same discipline as the course you want to follow (eg drawing, painting, photography, graphic design). You will hear whether you have been admitted in the week after your admission interview. If you are admitted, the course will start the following week.

Which Practicum Artium courses are there?

Practicum Artium (PA) consists of four subjects:




Graphic design


Where do the classes take place?

Practicum Musicae is offered at the Royal Conservatoire

Practicum Artium is offered at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK)

The music electives are offered at Leiden University or at the Royal Conservatoire.

The minors Music Studies and Creative Strategies for a Society in Change are offered at Leiden University.

I want to know more about the double degree / double bachelor at the KABK and Leiden University, where can I find information?

You will find it here

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