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Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA)


ACPA offers electives in visual arts, music or music philosophy. As a student of Leiden University or the University of the Arts The Hague* you can choose these electives offered by ACPA.


In each BA or MA degree programme you have the opportunity to follow elective courses. You can choose an elective course that completes or deepens your study or you choose an elective that fits your other interests. For example visual arts, music or music philosophy.


Please note descriptions are in English only. The courses are taught in English.

Performance Arts – Pandemic – Public Sphere-This course aims at sketching a ‘political philosophy’ of the performing arts. Think of it as an establishment for an aesthetic staging of public spheres. This political philosophy course invites you to look beyond innovative techniques and spectacles. We will recognize in the newest again the oldest of theatre forms. By healing wounds, criticizing ruling order, giving symbolic representation of capacities for change, or by finding resilience in cultural resources or projecting utopias.

Music-Philosophy-Politics- What is the link between music, philosophy and politics? What are the effects of musical-romantic dreams and of ghosts of the past on our contemporary society? Is there an aesthetics laying beneath the surface when a political system turns into spectacle and exaggerated media-exposure? What is the source of theatrical rhetoric of populistic ideologies, the rise of emotional identity-policies, the longing forabsolute leadership and mythologization of the nation? These and other questions will be discussed in this class.

Music: Introduction in the history of Jazz- This course gives an insight into the styles of the three periods of jazz: the historical, the institutional and the digital period. Improvisation and swing, the functioning of the rhythm section and the melody section, as well as musical, social and cultural interaction will be discussed.

Practical Rhetoric: public speaking according to historical sources- This course of 10 interactive workshops will introduce students to practical didactic English texts on public speaking (oratory and acting) from the long 18th-century. Standing, walking, the use of hands and arms in speaking, vocal inflexion and facial expression will all be studied and put into practice, allowing students to gain confidence and control over their bodies when speaking in public.


Take a look in the Studyguide for our selection of electives!

*Royal Conservatoire/Royal Academy of Art


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