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Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA)

ARC (art_research_convergence)

ARC (art_research_convergence) is an outreach initiative of Leiden University for the active communication of artistic research.


ARC hosts exhibitions, installations, lectures and performances every first Monday of the month in the cultural hotspots in The Hague. The idea is to enable a space of communication and action where artist-researchers can show work in progress (or finished work in need of feedback) and discuss it with the audience.

ARC plays a connective role in the network of artistic and investigative practices. It strengthens the knowledge infrastructure in the dynamic field of practice-based research as well as brings it into the public eye. In doing so, it contributes to the knowledge economy in the region.

This project acts as a forum or laboratory, in which artist-researchers work together with other cultural players on new works, designs and performance practices.



  • What? Performances, exhibitions, installations, lectures and other formats suitable for the communication of artistic research. Refreshments and snacks are included.
  • Who? Artist-researchers, including graduate students, doctoral candidates and lecturers at artistic research institutions as well as independent artists who regard and represent their work as research. No institutional affiliation is required.
  • For whom? General audience interested in the relationship between art and research, artists, researchers and students whose field has to do with artistic and/or research practices.
  • When & where? Every first Monday of the month:
    • Studio Loos - 1 October - 7 PM-9 PM
    • De Nieuwe Regentes -  5 November - 7 PM-9 PM
    • Korzo Theater - 3 December - 7 PM-9 PM
    • Online session – date and time t.b.a.

ARC session December 3: Talking Research

Artistic research is a boundary practice, hovering between the experiential and the intellectual, the artistic and the academic. Through a continuous alternation between practice and theory, acts of intuition and systematic experiments, the artist-researcher uncovers the sensuous or tacit knowledge that is enclosed in artistic practice, and opens it for investigation and speculation. Sharing artistic research with an audience demands a similar inclusion of sensuous experience, imagination and reflection.

In this ARC session, different presentation formats are explored. Presenters experiment with performative lecturing, essayistic methods, multimedial set-ups and an active engagement of the audience.


Ninke Overbeek -  Why we should write creatively/ what is can do.

Emily Huurdeman -  Essaying art

Vera Mennens - The three stages

Yannis Kyriakides Hearing words written

Moderator: Taco Stolk
Respondent: Paul Craenen

December 3  2018

7 PM-  9 PM

Korzo Theater, Prinsestraat 41 in The Hague


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Admission is free

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