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Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA)

Distance/Fiction by Gabriel Paiuk

Distance / Fiction is a sound installation that deals with the ways listening is entwined with processes and techniques of sound mediation.

Distance / Fiction

In Distance / Fiction a set of loudspeakers and transducers are used to build a slowly transforming sounding space for the visitor to explore, prompting questions as to how our listening unfolds:

How do we engage with sound around us and how do the technologies of sound recording and reproduction modulate what we hear? How is our auditory imagination informed by the traces and material properties of these technologies? At which point do changes happen in our listening, from perceiving sound as a physical experience to perceiving it as an imaginary reconstruction of our surroundings?


The work reflects on the ways we engage with sound around us and the way this is modulated by the technologies we use to record and reproduce sound. As these technologies populate our everyday media environment: from Public Announcement systems on the train to Cinema and Radio broadcasting or the audio component of mobile devices, we are used to the sound of our surroundings being recorded, edited, manipulated and reproduced through audio technologies as a ubiquitous phenomena. Paiuk´s research is focused on investigating how the ways we listen are informed by notions, habits and material conditions inherent in sound mediation technology. Distance / Fiction aims to investigate this domain by operating on the subtle adaptations we perform to make sense of the outcome of these sound reproduction technologies.

In Distance / Fiction the visitor is invited to attend to how listening unfolds in relation to the material properties of the amplification devices, the way they trigger the acoustic properties of the room and the traces of a media saturated environment.


ACPA Exhibition Space

Basement P.J. Veth building

Nonnensteeg 1-3 Leiden

Weekdays 10 AM-4 PM

It is advised that no more than 3 visitors enter this exhibition at once for an optimal experience.

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