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Faculty Board

The Faculty Board is responsible for the general management of the Faculty, as well as the administration and organization of the Faculty's teaching and research.


The Faculty Board is comprised of the following members:

The Faculty Board is supported by the Faculty Office.

Portfolios assigned to members of the Faculty Board

  • Dean
    • Coordination and integration of Faculty Board decision-making
    • Strategic partnerships and external relations
      • African Studies Centre Leiden
      • LUCIS
      • LeidenGlobal (in collaboration with the Executive Dean)
      • NINO (in collaboration with the Executive Dean)
      • feasability study Museum Studies
    • Research policy
      • LERU
      • LeidenAsiaCentre
      • Lorentz Centre
      • LUCSoR
      • Roosevelt Institute for American Studies
    • Library policy
    • Internationalisation (in collaboration with the Vice Deans)
    • Graduate School and PhD affairs
    • Chair policy
    • Data management (in collaboration with holder of the operational management portfolio)
  • Vice Dean – bachelor’s programmes
    • Assure academic quality
    • Bachelor’s programmes: communication and recruitment
    • Bachelor’s programmes: marketing
    • Academic performance agreements
    • Honours programmes
    • ICT and teaching
    • Digital humanities (in collaboration with the Dean)
    • Bachelor’s programme in International Studies
    • Bachelor’s programme in Urban Studies (in collaboration with the Dean)
    • Policy on minors
    • Core curriculum
  • Vice Dean – master’s and research master’s programmes
    • Assure academic quality
    • Master’s and research master’s programmes: communication and recruitment
    • Master’s and research master’s programmes: marketing
    • Professionalisation of programme committee
    • MAIR
    • Contract education
    • Alumni policy
    • Bachelor’s, master’s and research master’s programmes: job market orientation (in collaboration with other Vice-Dean and assessor)
  • Executive Dean
    • Financial management and policy
    • Human resources
    • Health and safety
    • Information management
    • Space management
    • General communication
    • Social impact of research (in collaboration with Dean)
    • Diversity policy (in collaboration with Vice-Dean for the Master’s and Research Master’s programmes and the Assessor)
  • Student member (assessor)
    • Maintain contact with study associations and students in the Faculty and on Faculty bodies (including complaints)
    • Manage assessor budget
    • Award grants to student members of Faculty bodies and study associations
    • Within the scope of LAssO, consult with Vice-Rector and members of workgroups (such as the Honours Academy, RFOS and Mare Editorial Board).
    • Maintain contact with assessors from other faculties of humanities in the Netherlands.
    • Humanities Career Event


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