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International Leiden Leadership Programme

Training sessions

The International Leiden Leadership Programme offers participants assessments and training sessions that will shed light on different aspects of their behaviour and on different aspects of personal leadership. Topics covered include: motivation, conflict management, group dynamics, negotiation and interviewing.


At the start of the International Leiden Leadership Programme, students will get to take several different assessments, including a personality test, a high potential assessment and a leadership style test. They will be guided in their efforts to understand and combine the results from these assessments in a personal self report.

Training sessions

Participants in the International Leiden Leadership Programmes take part in group training sessions. These sessions focus on personal development in the context of personal leadership. Participants acquire not only (academic) knowledge on topics, such as feedback, motivation, conflict resolution and other leadership skills but also an insight into how these skills can affect a person’s behaviour. They reflect on their own approach and the benefits and disadvantages of this approach.

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