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LDE Bachelor Honours Programme Sustainability


The goal of the Bachelor Honours Programme Sustainability is to provide students with the knowledge and tools to make a contribution towards a sustainable society.


The Bachelor Honours Programme Sustainability starts in November and ends in June. The programme is split up into two parts: learning the Sustainability Fundamentals (5 EC) and designing a solution in a real-world Sustainability Challenge (10 EC). 

In the first part of the programme – Fundamentals – expert lecturers from the three universities, as well as invited guest speakers, introduce students to key topics in today’s sustainability research. They provide them with state-of-the-art insights on major global challenges, global sustainability transitions, impacts of social and technological change, systems thinking and design methods. This fundamental knowledge will prepare them for working on the second, practical part of the programme.

In the second part of the programme – the Sustainability Challenge – students from all three universities team up to take on a real-life societal sustainability challenge. They apply their newly gained knowledge from the Fundamentals to a current, relevant problem provided by regional stakeholders. These can be civic organisations, municipalities as well as non-profit and for-profit companies. The interdisciplinary teams design and present novel solutions that help accelerate sustainable change.

For a more detailed description of these courses, please view the Prospectus.


Upon successful completion of the full programme, students will receive a certificate and have both courses mentioned as extracurricular education on their diploma supplement. 

Honours education

The Bachelor Honours Programme Sustainability is one of several honours programmes we offer to motivated bachelor's students. Honours education is small-scale, impact oriented and interdisciplinary. Students and lecturers from various academic backgrounds share their knowledge and broaden their horizons. The Honours Academy aims to be a ‘testing ground’ and thus to promote educational innovation throughout the entire university. Other honours programmes for bachelor's students include:

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