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Governance and Global Affairs

Graduate School

Dean Kutsal Yesilkagit welcomes you to the Graduate School of the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs

“The researchers of our Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs (FGGA) Graduate School are preoccupied with the large societal questions and problem of our age. Spanning fields such as public administration, economic, legal, sociological and political perspectives. It has become clear that facing challenges like climate change, terrorism or the financial crises, our scientific knowledge alone is not enough. Above all, to every ‘global affair’ there are political and governmental aspects.

The interdisciplinary approach is therefore an essential quality of our education and research, for which we continually strive.

If you are interested in joining our Graduate School, you will find the information you need on this website. Feel free to send us your questions.”

Kutsal Yesilkagit